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Old Pulteney Scotch Single Malt 21 Year  750ML     

As with the 17-year-old, with this expression we marry together Old Pulteney matured in ex-bourbon wood with spirit from ex-sherry wood casks. The crucial difference, however, is that the ex-sherry wood in this case is made from American Oak (mostly Fino sherries). This adds yet another layer of ... click for more details

Sku: IT-0006032
Price: $159.98


Glen Garioch Scotch Single Malt Vintage 1994 1994  750ML     

Savour the subtle peat smoke and fresh Highland floral aromas in our Glen Garioch Vintage 1994, patiently matured for 17 long years in the finest North American oak barrels. Toffee and Demerara sugar give way to a floral freshness of springtime Highland heather, finishing with lasting yet subtle ... click for more details

Sku: IT-0006283
Price: $112.98


Glendronach Scotch Single Malt 12 Year Original  750ML     

This superb richly sherried single malt is matured for at least 12 years in a combination of the finest Spanish Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks. Non-chill filtered, of natural colour and bottled at 43%, the GlenDronach 12 year old Original is a sweet, creamy dram.Appearance Deep amber-red ... click for more details

Sku: IT-0029546
Price: $59.98


Glenfarclas Scotch Single Malt 21 Year  750ML     

Colour: Dark amber-gold. Nose: Intense, full of aromas sherried fruit, tropical fruit, nutmeg and almonds with slight citrus notes at the end, all held together with a vanilla sweet smokiness Flavour: Full bodied rich and rounded develops slowly into fruity, smoky and spicy flavours. ... click for more details

Sku: IT-0006866
Price: $119.98


Glenmorangie Scotch Single Malt 10 Year The Original  750ML      

The original expression of our elegant, floral spirit and the real backbone of the Glenmorangie range. A ten-year-old single malt, Glenmorangie Original is produced by marrying the delicate spirit that emerges from Scotland’s tallest stills, with first and second fill American white oak casks. click for more details

Sku: IT-0007690
Price: $35.98


Glenmorangie Scotch Single Malt 12 Year Quinta Ruban  750ML      

Aroma: Dark mint chocolate, tangerines and Seville oranges mingle with sandalwood and walnut before giving way to a spicy finish of pepper and nutmeg. Taste: Mint chocolate and walnuts envelop the palate like velvet, laying the foundations for rose, Turkish delight and sweet Seville oranges.... click for more details

Sku: IT-0006862
Price: $49.98


Glenmorangie Scotch Single Malt Signet  750ML      

Whilst the exact secrets of its production are known only to our whisky creators, we can tell you that Signet’s melting sweetness and explosive spiciness is, at least in part, caused by our unique roasted ’chocolate’ barley malt and the ’designer casks’ made bespoke ... click for more details

Sku: IT-0029877
Price: $199.98


Glenmorangie Scotch Single Malt Tusail Private Edition  750ML      

Tusail-apparently Gaelic for ‘originary’-is the sixth release in Glenmorangie’s Private Edition collection. It was distilled using floor-malted Maris Otter winter barley, once ubiquitous in the British brewing industry but now practically a rare breed. Oily on the nose, notably ... click for more details

Sku: IT-0023679
Price: $99.98


Oban Scotch Single Malt 14 Year  750ML     

A sweet peat and fruity nose with a spicy mouth-filling sweetness and a long drying finish with smoke and some salt.(Great Value,Tried & True Award)- Beautiful in the glass, a bright copper hue. Complex, concentrated, deeply grainy/malty aromas rise from the glass in waves. Tastes of malt, ... click for more details

Sku: IT-0007069
Price: $69.98


Oban Scotch Single Malt Distillers Edition Vintage  750ML     

Ultimate Beverage ... click for more details

Sku: IT-0006149
Price: $104.98


Old Pulteney Scotch Single Malt 12 Year  750ML     

Matured wholly in air-dried, hand-selected ex-bourbon casks, the ’unashamedly excellent’ Old Pulteney 12-years-old is the definitive expression in the Old Pulteney family. Traditionally crafted using techniques that other distillers have long abandoned, this winner of numerous gold ... click for more details

Sku: IT-0013701
Price: $37.98


Old Pulteney Scotch Single Malt Navigator  750ML     

Bright golden/straw yellow appearance. Complex, deeply grainy and cereal-like, almost like Graham cracker, in toast, slightly honeyed bouquet. Taste profile features sweet, ripe pear-like flavors that never lessen in intensity or piquancy. Lovely distilling.... click for more details

Sku: IT-0015723
Price: $47.98


The Dalmore Scotch Single Malt 12 Year  750ML     

Sku: IT-0007029
Price: $54.98


The Dalmore Scotch Single Malt 15 Year  750ML     

Sku: IT-0007030
Price: $86.98


Clynelish Scotch Single Malt 14 Year  750ML      

A gorgeous balance of flavor and acidity with herbal tea smokiness and cereal notes with spice, fruit and a trace of salt. Finish is long, and leaves a fresh, fruity flavor.Ahh, Clynelish. The enigma of the northeast coast. A single malt whose waxy character - and it does smell of snuffed candles -  click for more details

Sku: IT-0007059
Price: $59.98


Dalwhinnie Distillery Scotch Single Malt 15 Year  750ML     

One of the highest of all Highland distilleries, Dalwhinnie produces a welcomingly gentle spirit that’s full of character. Smooth and soft with heather, honey and delicate spice, creamy not dry. A single malt with smoothness and depth that benefits from a full 15 year of aging.... click for more details

Sku: IT-0007686
Price: $49.98


Glen Garioch Scotch Single Malt 1794 Founder's Reserve  750ML     

The quintessential Glen Garioch, Founderís Reserve celebrates the brothers who first established the distillery and the 200 plus years of craftsmanship that goes into every bottle that bears the Manson name. Nose - Warm amber in appearance, sweet vanilla and subtle spice combine with fruitier ... click for more details

Sku: IT-0021072
Price: $45.98



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